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Fabulous beach and pool bag. The bogg™ bag is a practical and stylish. You will love it at beach, pool and resort.
PRACTICAL - The bogg™ bag is sturdy and tip proof. Just the right size to hold all your beach gear essentials and versatile to be used for almost any daily activity requiring a tote and best of all when dirty you just rinse it off and let it air dry. No more dirty canvas beach totes.
COLORFUL - Comes in 6 bright colors: Purple, Aqua, Blue, Pink, Red, and Orange.
FUN -Add your own personality to the bagg by adding fun initial bogg bits.
The bogg™  bag was was invented and designed in NJ by a mom who was tired of other types of family beach bags such as canvas bag and totes, flimsy plastic beach bags and natural straw bags not holding the beach gear, getting dirty and moldy from sand, suncreen and then not cleaning up well.  The bogg™ is made with  EVA material similar to that of croc shoes.  It is sturdy, flexible and holds antibacterial properties.  It is unlike any plastic beach bag on the market and will definetely make a beach fashion statement on your next beach getaway.